About US

Wirmax is a modern property technology group with a wide range of expertise. We provide heating, water, ventilation, electricity, automation, and security services.

Wirmax Group

Wirmax is a modern building technology group with a wide range of expertise. We provide installation and maintenance services for the property’s heating, water, ventilation, electricity, automation and security technology needs. We maintain properties’ condition and promote energy efficiency with the help of solar power and heat pump solutions. We carry out maintenance services with the strength of 40 maintenance units and annually we carry out about 11,000 maintenance visits.

Wirmax Group has over 120 building technology professionals , and our business areas are Uusimaa, Central Finland and the Oulu region. The Wirmax group consists of Wirmax Oy which practices HVAC maintenance and contracting, solar power company Wirmax Solar Oy, Putkimaatti Oy which installs and maintains heat pump solutions, and Gane Oy, a security and automation company.

We pay special attention to the quality, details and transparency of our service. At the core of our operations is digital enterprise control, which is used to manage work efficiently and in real time. The service produced is always documented digitally.

Our story

Wirmax is founded by an entrepreneur Tommi Isopahkala in 2007. Back then Wirmax was a company with 5 electricians operating in the capital area of Finland. Wirmax increased the number of electricians little by little and in 2017 the first HVAC installer started at Wirmax. In 2019, Tommi brought in his friend, Jarkko Niemikorpi, as a partner.

In 2020, the number of HVAC installers increased when the HVAC maintenance of YIT Talontekniikka joined Wirmax. 2021 Wirmax made its first acquisition when it acquired Areste Oy, an electrical installation shop with a turnover of one million. In the same year, Wirmax expanded its operations to Jyväskylä by setting up an electrical installation unit there. In 2022, Wirmax also started HVAC installation operations in Jyväskylä.

At the beginning of 2022, Wirmax already made its second acquisition when it bought Gane Oy while expanding its service offering to automation and security technology services nationwide. In November 2022 Wirmax bought the majority of shares of Fiksusähkö Oy (now Wirmax Solar).

In February 2023 Wirmax bought the majority of shares of Putkimaatti Oy. Today Wirmax Group has over 120 building technology professionals.

Sustainable property technology solutions

Responsible thinking guides our daily activities. We want to encourage our employees and partners to think responsibly, both in working life and in their free time. Responsible and sustainable solutions are important to us, and we strive to develop our own operations primarily with these values ​​in mind.

Open jobs

Wirmax is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for new experts for both electrical installation and HVAC maintenance work. Join a top team where you have fun and work has meaning!