Old accumulator tank can cause serious accidents

Tukes reminds of the risks associated with old accumulator tanks. Accumulator tanks should be replaced at certain times and installation should always be left to a professional.

During the past few years, Tukes has become aware of dangerous situations that have happened to accumulator tanks during use, as well as a few explosion accidents that have occurred in large properties. Accumulator tanks have also been involved in several building fires.

“Accidents have often been related to faults or deficiencies in the limiting and safety devices of accumulator tanks and electrical devices. In addition, corrosion and corrosion of the accumulators could have contributed to the occurrence of accidents,” says Tukes.

The accumulator tank that was in the property’s fire accident, volume 200 liters. The fire started in the charger, due to incorrect electrical installation and usage. The accumulator was installed in a separate room outside the house, where there was no heating. The pipes had frozen and had been thawed with a heat fan.
Photo: Tukes

Part of the reason for the dangerous situations and accidents has been the aging of accumulators, the absence of operating and maintenance instructions and/or the neglect of the care and maintenance described in them.

The typical service life of accumulator tank is 15-20 years. However, the length of the service life is affected by many factors, such as the material of the accumulator tank and the quality of the domestic water. The risk of leakage starts to increase in accumulators that are more than 20 years old. However, you should consider getting a new accumulator earlier if the accumulator that is more than 10 years old starts to have minor problems.

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